We like stories, and we certainly have one to tell.

Good Thaimes is a family run business that has established itself as one of the most popular eateries in Lancaster, and has all been inspired by one very special man’s passion for great food.

That man was our father, who first moved to England from our native Thailand back in the late 1970s. He had always been a keen and able chef in our homeland, and had worked a series of load paid jobs cooking food for local residents in the small town where he grew up. Over time, he moved to Bangkok and trained under an apprenticeship to become a chef, and he quickly showed his aptitude for inventing exciting takes on popular dishes.

When he and my mother moved to the UK, we were just children, but our Father was determined to make a life for us. He eventually saved enough money, and secured enough investment to open his own restaurant in Manchester city centre. People loved the food, and the restaurant was full most nights. However, Dad – by his own admission – was not as adept at business as he was at cooking, and over time he found that certain associated had perhaps not been as honest as they might have been, and he eventually lost the business.

Our father continued to work until he was 70 but he never owned another restaurant. He was a happy man, but we know that deep down he had regrets. However, had passed on his love of cooking to his sons, and we set out to fulfil his ambitions for him. We are extremely proud that our father lived to see the opening of Wat Thai, and his style of cooking has greatly influenced what we do. He will forever be our hero, and if you are wondering who that chap in the picture that hangs on the wall of the restaurant upstairs – that’s him.
We hope that he is looking down on us with pride.

Chong and Kam

The Owners of Good Thaimes