Appetisers & Small Plates

Pork Spare Ribs £6.95
We marinade our spare ribs in our own recipe sauce, featuring a special blend of Thai herbs and spices mixed with a homemade barbecue sauce. Served with a small side salad.

Fish Cakes – Thai Style £7.95
Slightly spicy fish cakes, mixed with lime leaves and curry paste make this a special treat for seafood lovers.
Vegetable Spring Rolls £5.95
A selection of authentic Asian vegetables served in delicious spring rolls. Served fresh for best taste, and with a sauce of your choice. Choose from Sweet Chili, Satay or Chili, Lime and Calantro sauces.
Sticky Chicken Wings £7.95
Six chicken wings served in a sticky sweet soy, chili and honey glaze, and accompanied by a small side salad.
Thai Style Barbecue Chicken £8.95
One Chicken leg and four chicken wings glazed with our unique sticky barbecue sauce, flavoured with a touch of lime.
Chicken and Sweet Potato Soup £5.95
A generous serving of our deliciously smooth and spicy Thai style soup, with hint of ginger, lemongrass and red chili.
Chicken Satay Bites £6.95
Succulent chunks of chicken served in a thick and creamy peanut sauce, and accompanied by red onion and bean sprouts.
Thai Style Pork Dumplings £6.95
A generous serving of plump pork dumplings mixed with a selection of vegetables and flavoured to please. Served with a coriander dip.

Salads and Greens

Thai Beef Salad £8.95
A selection of traditional leafy greens mixed with shredded beef, mint, coriander, lemongrass, lime and peanuts.

Thai Cucumber Salad £6.95
A crunch, tangy green salad, which is gently sweetened with cilantro and peanuts and a smidgen of spice.
Special Pad Thai Salad £7.95
A delicious mix of Pad Thai and fresh greens that makes for a unique dish full of goodness. Lightly spiced in its original form, but more heat can be added on request.
Japanese Style Prawns in Lettuce Leaves £7.95
A generous helping of juicy king prawns, mixed with fresh lettuce leaves and an array of herbs and spices.
Malaysian Coconut and Chili Salad £7.95
A spicy salad true to its roots in Malaysia’s Penang district, expect bean sprouts, red onion and bell peppers infused with creamy coconut and spiced with fresh chili.
Crunchy Wok Fried Greens £5.95
A fantastic selection of crunchy greens, flash fried in the wok and served with a choice of tamarind, oyster or sweet chili sauce.


All mains are served with a choice of basmati rice, brown rice or noodles.

Thai Green Curry
Chicken: £11.95 Fish: £13.95 Duck: £14.95 Vegetarian: £9.95
A terrific twist on the most popular dish in Thailand. Spicy, but full of flavor, the curry is served with lime leaf, basil, bamboo shoots and your choice of side.

Thai Red Curry
Chicken: £11.95 Fish: £13.95 Duck: £14.95 Vegetarian: £9.95
Featuring a little less heat than the green curry, but still plenty of punch, we used plenty of lemon grass and turmeric in our Thai red curry is served with bamboo shoots, cherry tomatoes and red onion, as well as your choice of sides.
Thai Yellow Curry
Chicken: £10.95; Fish £11.95; Vegetarian: £8.95
The milder option among our Thai curries, this thick and creamy curry is a big favourite. Served with your choice of meat, or as a vegetarian dish with extra potatoes.
Spicy Jungle Curry
Chicken: £13.95; Fish: £15.95; Duck: £15.95; Vegetarian: £11.95
One for all you spice lovers, this is the hottest curry we offer and we will add extra spice upon request. Inspired by the tribes of northern Thailand, it is traditionally served with chicken but we give you a choice.
Malaysian Beef Rendang £13.95
Delicious shreds of prime cut beef slowed cook in coconut milk and chili, and spiced with a selection of herbs. Served with a crunchy salad and your choice of side.
Vietnamese Chicken Curry £12.95
We take prime cuts of chicken fillet and slow cook them in a whole range of delicious spices to create a mild Vietnamese curry that everyone can enjoy.
Cambodian Beef Lok-Lak £12.95
A traditional Khmer dish consisting of tender beef marinated in a delicious, gently sweet sauce. Served with lettuce leaves, and it’s traditional to wrap the beef inside the lettuce leaves, but we provide you with a choice of rice or noodles too.
Filipino Pork Menudo £11.95
A creamy stew packed with ingredients that surprises every time, you’ll get plenty of pork and vegetables cooked in a delicious sauce.
Burmese Fish Curry £14.95
A delicious take on one of the most popular and defining dishes of Myanmar, we use the finest fish and most flavoursome spices in this spectacular dish.
Star Anise and Ginger Braised Chicken £12.95
Hints of ginger and aromatic spices make this an exotic, flavoursome dish that will transport you straight to the streets of South East Asia.

Street Style Noodles

Chicken Pad Thai £8.95
Quite simply the most popular dish in Thailand, locals eat it every day and we think it’s the most delicious street food in the world. Noodles mixed with chicken chunks and delicious selection of spices make this a perfect choice.

Thai Stir Fried Beef Noodles £9.95
Delicious and healthy, we ensure that we use only the best beef in our beef noodles. Naturally served with a bit of spice, we can add more if you please.
Thai Shrimp Noodles £9.95
Our freshly selected king prawns mixed with red bell peppers, red onion and bean sprouts, as well as our finest recipe noodles – all cooked to perfection.
Thai Stir Fried Noodles with Vegetables £8.95
Our delicious vegetarian friendly noodles are cooked in a variety of spices and served with lashes of succulent greens.
Indonesian Style Noodles £8.95
Expect some spice with our Indonesian noodles, complete with chili, oysters, mushroom and lemongrass, with pinches of red pepper.
Spicy Malaysian Noodles £8.95
Sweet yet spicy, this Malaysian noodles recipes is a great choice for a taste of something different at lunch time. A dish of contrasts.
Philippines Stir Fry Pork Noodles £9.95
Rich and smoky in flavour but mild in heat, this dish is another lunch time favourite but is equally adaptable for dinner service.

Just Desserts

We like to get creative with our desserts, so rather than offer you a standard selection of à la carte options, we operate an ever changing desserts trolley. Just ask your server to see the trolley and pick your favourite sweet delight.